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Shameless US cast does the ALSIceBucketChallenge: Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher), Emma Rose Kenney (Debbie Gallagher), Shanola Hampton/Jeremy Allen White (Veronica Fischer/Lip Gallagher) and Noel Fisher (Mickey Milkovich)

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Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane’s 2009 Commencement Speech.

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"There was some debate whether to have this moment of memory loss. But it just works so well, in terms of [how] everything is being taken from Steve. Even his one friend is ceasing to exist before his eyes."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier audio commentary by directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

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Teacher: Class started 20 mins ago…




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lets talk about how the gender neutral wardrobe is boyish clothes because feminine clothes aren’t considered neutral

and it’s totally connected with the idea that men are the default


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Celebrities taking part in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS.

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You now have the ability to own the 3 worst book to movie adaptations all on 1 DVD

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Celebrities doing the ALS ice bucket challenge

wow im really happy that all of these wealthy people would prefer doing this than donating money to a charity that will save lives

Okay, I’m a stop you right there. Yes, the basis of the challenge is dump water on your head or donate. But what this challenge is meant to do is RAISE AWARENESS. People who see this end up wondering and then learning what ALS is. And who better to spread the message than celebrities?

People who do the challenge are also still asked to make a donation, and to pass on the challenge. This is good. These celebrities are raising awareness, spreading the message, and probably still donating. But hey, they’re horrible people because they participated in this right? It would ‘ve been better if they wrote a check and never told anyone about it at all.

Yes - most of them have said in their video that they are still masking a donation - typically we’ll above the recommended $100

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when McGonagall finds out that Ginny is pregnant, and that the Weasley and Potter bloodlines will converge, she marks on her calender the day the child will turn 11 and that is the day she retires 

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